A lawyer’s personal service for less than the cost of an impersonal computer’s.

When do you use a standardized form? When don't you? Obviously, there's more to forming a business entity than just filling out the paperwork. FG Law gives you the benefit of our practical legal experience, judgment and knowledge.

The type of business entity you choose can affect your tax situation, your personal assets' vulnerability to liability claims, your business structure, your ability to grow, and more.

That's why, before filling out so much as one item on one form, FG Law works with you personally, face to face, learning your needs, your objectives, and the nature and structure of your business. We help you make decisions that save you thousands of dollars a year in avoidable expenses, while resolving potential problems before they occur.

Surprisingly, our fee for incorporating a company is actually less than the leading standard-legal-form company’s most popular incorporation package.


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Fred Gerson helped me organize one new company and acquire another. Our family is very happy to have him as our legal adviser.
- Entrepreneur