Effective Protection
For Your Trademark

Ensure that your brand can’t be claimed as someone else’s.

It takes more than filling out the application forms to ensure that catchy product or brand name you've thought up will be protected.

Does it just generically describe what you're selling? Then your protection may be so weak that just about anyone can use it. Or is it distinctive enough for registering it to give you strong protection?

Have you searched to make sure nobody else is using the same name or logo, or something very similar? Do you know how to?

As an attorney who not only practices but teaches trademark law, Fred Gerson has both the expert knowledge and the practical experience to help your trademark avoid mistakes, delays, rejections and bases for infringement.

He'll show you how to make your mark as distinctive as possible, search to confirm its distinctiveness, and advise you of its strengths and risks. In writing. And all for little more than you'd pay a firm that just fills out the forms and tells you where to file them.


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When someone else started doing business under a name like my company's, Fred Gerson showed me what to say to get them to stop with just a few phone calls and emails.
- Advertising Agency Owner